About Us

Mike KeloMichael J. Kelo, PT, MPH, OCS - Mike is a graduate of MCV-VCU School of Physical Therapy and served as a faculty member - teaching orthopedics at MCV for 13 years. He has lectured nationally and locally and published several journal and textbook articles on orthopedic topics regarding shoulder, spine, knee, foot and ankle dysfunctions. He has conducted several research studies with colleagues in the US and Canada that produced research proven methods to help measure therapy outcomes for patients with spine and leg problems.

He received his Master of Public Health degree from MCV-VCU School of Medicine in 2001 with emphasis in epidemiology and statistics. Mike continues to collect data from his patients in order to conduct and publish clinical research to help benefit physical therapy patients.

Our Technicians

Each of our technicians is trained to provide the best service and care for each patient. They have all received Bachelor's degrees from various universities and currently pursuing physical therapy school.

  • Briana Driskill
  • Steven Pruett

Mike and the staff are fully committed to making certain that every patient and their family members feel welcomed and cared for in a compassionate and professional manner. Patients will receive a customized evaluation to better understand their overall orthopedic condition in a relaxed, enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere.

Ask Mike and the staff how any of the special MKPT programs can be of help to you. We are here to try to make the lives of our patients, their family members, friends and co-workers better. Let us know how we can serve you.