Data from over 500 children Mike has treated shows that if a child or pediatric patient has foot, knee or lower leg pain related to weight-bearing while playing, exercising or normal walking and standing then a faulty mechanical foot, knee or hip position may be part of the problem. We have developed evaluation and treatment plans for children with foot, ankle, shin, and knee pain related to running and playing that is often thought to be "growing pains" but remains prolonged and chronic. Mike also has developed special treatment programs for toe-in walkers who struggle with clumsiness, frequent tripping, falling and a lack of coordination and agility that improves these problems. After years of refining these programs, most kids can be treated with only 2-3 visits.

These programs help your child develop with the same running and standing abilities as their peers and pain-free running keeps kids more active in sports and fitness activities and that makes them less likely to become overweight or turn into future smokers. Many studies show that people who are not overweight and are not smokers lead happier and more productive lives. Now that is important!

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