Pitching Program

The Baltimore Orioles chose Mike to provide physical therapy and overall strength and conditioning for the team's ace relief pitcher, Chris Ray, after Tommy John surgery for his right elbow in August 2007. Chris spent 6 months in physical therapy with Mike which will enabled him to return for the 2009 season at full strength and to perform at his full potential.

Mike with Chris Ray as he works on helping Chris return to major league pitching with the Baltimore Orioles.

Mike has worked with professional baseball pitchers from the Orioles, Mets, Cubs and Astros with back elbow and shoulder problems since 1990. He started this after meeting and working with Tom House who was the head pitching coach for the Astros and Rangers. Tom now serves as president of The American Pitching Association of which Mike is a member. Mike has worked with numerous pro, college, high school and even youth pitchers.

While in physical therapy, each pitcher receives a video-analysis of pitching mechanics, assessment of shoulder and scapular strength and flexibility measurements of the shoulder and spine to improve their mechanics to either get rid of pain associated with throwing or improve his velocity and efficiency of pitching and throwing.

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