Testimony from Mary Kate Stein

April 1, 2010

I met Mike Kelo in 2007 when I first moved to the Richmond area from Pennsylvania. I had been living with pain in the ball of my right foot for more than a year. I had been to two doctors in Pennsylvania prior to meeting Mike. One of them diagnosed me with a neuroma and gave me a series of cortisone shots. The other diagnosed me with bursitis and prescribed new orthotics, telling me that it was only a matter of time before I would need surgery. I was very discouraged when I finally made it to Mike's office for physical therapy and I was in constant pain whenever I stepped on my foot.

As a recreational athlete, former marathon runner, and stay-at-home mom, working out daily was crucial to my mental and physical health. Because of the pain, I was now not only finding it more and more difficult to participate in the activities I loved at the gym, but I couldn't even stand in my kitchen to prepare meals for my family without pain.

Mike took the time to discuss my symptoms, research my previous treatments and he then diagnosed me with metatarsal tendonitis and came up with a treatment plan that attacked the pain immediately and made me feel hopeful. After a short round of physical therapy and a prescription for othortics that were uniquely designed to address the physical anatomy of my foot, I began to live a pain-free life. Before long, I was back to all my former activities and taking on newer ones.

Recently, I contacted Mike's office again because I was experiencing that same old pain, likely due to the extremely high-intensity workouts I had taken on in the past year. I was able to get an appointment very quickly and with simple adjustments to my orthotics that Mike did right at his office, within one week the pain was gone and I was back to my full schedule of athletic training.

Thank you to Mike and your team for helping me to be a sane mom and a happy athlete!

Mary Kate Stein